JSSA システム監査学会

Japan Society for Systems Audits



Palaceside Building,
1-1 Hitotsubashi 1-chome,
Chiyoda-ku Tokyo,
100-0003 JAPAN

Japan Society for Systems Audits

Purport of foundation

In Japan where the development of informatization is now remarkable, many fields in the society rely on information systems based on computers. Moreover, informatization is further permeating among our daily life because of the development of networks.
In information society, if the information systems are damaged by, for example, destruction and abuse, etc, it will impact on the overall society, accordingly, for the purpose of making sound development of information society by assuring reliability, safety, and efficiency of information systems, the information systems audit has been recently noticed in Japan.
The information systems audit in Japan is that, by totally examining and evaluating information systems, and by advising and recommending those who are concerned with the systems, an information systems auditor who is independent of the department of information systems contributes to the sound development of information systems. therefore, the Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry, issuing Systems Auditing Standards in 1985, established "the Systems Auditor Examination" and has been annually implementing it sine 1986 to spread the systems audit.
In today' s information environment, the systems audit is expected to be immediately established. Simultaneously, both people who try to become the information auditors and scholars who are specializing in the systems audit are rapidly increasing; therefore, the various opportunities for the research discussion, the presentation and the meeting are required.
The Japan Society for Systems Audits was founded to promote the study for the systems audit about the theory, technique, and procedure, and to support communications among members.

Systems Audit in Japan

1. Definition
The definition of the systems audit in Japan is that the systems auditors who are independent of an audited object, totally examining and evaluating the information processing systems based on computers, advise and suggest those who are concerned with the systems to remove the deficiencies of the information systems and to improve its availability, and contribute the sound development of the information systems.

2. Publication of Systems Auditing Standards
The Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry(METI) issued Systems Auditing Standards in 1985 (Revised in 1996) which is composed of the three standards: (1) the general standard; (2) the implementing standard, and (3) the reporting standard.

3. Implementation of Systems Auditor Examination
The first examination for the systems auditors was implemented by the METI in 1986. Afterward, the examination has been annually implemented on the third Sunday of October with about ten thousands applicants.

4. Directory of Systems Auditing Company
For companies that will ask external systems auditors to audit their information systems, the METI decided to register the companies that offer the systems auditing business, compile them and publish the first Directory of Systems Auditing Company in 1991. The directory is supposed to be updated and published annually.

Outline of JSSA

1. Foundation
March 31, 1987.

2. Chairman
Akira Matsuo

Certified Public Accountant

3. Purpose
The purpose of the society is to support the research activities by members, and to contribute to make sound development of the informatization through the academic research and study.

4. Activity
(1) Communication among members presentation of research product.
(2) Research and study.
(3) Publication of the JSSA Journal and the JSSA News.
(4)Contact and cooperation with both domestic and foreign research organization.
(5) Honors for excellent research products.

5. Membership
(1) Scholars who major in the systems audit.
(2) Information systems auditors in profit or non-profit organization.
(3) Those who try to study the systems audit while they are now engaged in the department of information systems or the internal audit.
(4) Those who are permitted to join by the board of trustees.


I. Research Presentation
1. Annual technical conference
2. Public symposium

II. Study Meeting
1. Regular study meeting
The meeting gives the chances for the members to study and present the theme which the members hope. This meeting is open to anyone who is not a member.

2. Study meeting for the systems auditing techniques
In the meeting members can understand the method, the scope of applications and functions of the systems auditing through learning how to use a variety of the systems auditing techniques.

3. Study meeting for the practical study of the systems auditing
In this meeting members will study the techniques of performing the systems auditing through cases. The meeting is open for members who passed the examination for the information systems auditors, of have the same ability as a successful candidate.

4. Regional study meeting
This kind of meeting will be opened in each region. The theme will be arranged by the members where the meeting is opened.